Summary: Desserts are a wonderful way to round off a meal – mostly used as an incentive for picky eaters to try different foods. They are also a good way for people with a sweet tooth to get their fix and make them feel satisfied.

There are so many varieties available in desserts – each country has its own traditional offerings. Here is a small sampling to captivate and entice you to try some truly mouthwatering confections.

Top 10 Desserts:

• Soufflé from France: A soufflé is a light airy cake made from eggs, sugar, yolks with a gooey center. Chocolate is the most used flavor – decadent in taste, it is one of the most time honored desserts in this country. It is also infused with Grand Marnier liqueur which makes it even richer and wonderful in taste.

• American Apple Pie: It is a quintessential American dish and also a culinary symbol. This simple dish is made from a pastry crust and a filling made with apples and cinnamon and is also served with ice-cream.

• Canadian Maple Taffy: This wonderful dessert is made with snow and maple syrup. It is usually served with tea or coffee – a seasonal treat. Try this dish while visiting Quebec.

• Waffles in Belgium: Two varieties on offer – Liege and Brussels Waffles. The latter is better known around the world and usually served with fruits, chocolate and whipped cream.

• Austrian Sacher Torte: It is a very dense sponge cake made with bittersweet chocolate and has a layer of apricot jam, intense flavors and a delight to eat.

• Bibingka in Philippines: It is a sweet cake made of rice and is usually covered with a layer of sugar and butter and grated coconut. Usually served around the Christmas season – several variations are made around the world.

• Trés Leches Cake from Mexico: Made with three different types of milks, it is a sponge cake which is sliced and soaked in the different milks and put back together. A well made one will not be soggy – and has a very distinct taste.

• Mango Sticky Rice from Thailand: This is a very popular dish eaten throughout the year in Thailand. It is a combination of a sweet rice, mango slices and coconut milk. An interesting flavor and texture – mild and pleasing taste.

• Apple Strudel from Germany: It is a pastry with a flaky crust with a sliced apple filling with cinnamon and raisins. Dusted with powdered sugar; also served with whipped cream or ice cream. The most famous outlet for this uniquely German dessert is in Berlin.

• Fattigman from Norway: These wonderful cookies are made with sugar, eggs, cream and cardamom. Cognac or brandy is occasionally used to add flavor – usually fried, these are available in a few different shapes and covered with powdered sugar; a holiday treat.

Summary: Travelling and exploring new countries satisfies human curiosity about how people live – foods offer the other dimension. How interesting a city and its culture are get defined by its markets and the kinds of foods that are offered on street corners.

Food is such an integral part of every culture that it is impossible to do justice and highlight even street food without missing an item or two. For those with an adventurous palate, street foods are available at unbelievable prices and mind boggling variety as well. These foods are served from all kinds of vehicles – pushcarts, stalls, food trucks or even of the back of a bicycle. Here’s a look at some interesting and much beloved foods – a must try for one and all.

Top 10 Street Foods:

• Ramen Noodles in Tokyo: This dish consists of thin noodles which are usually cooked in a meat broth, flavored with miso or soy and a choice of toppings. Choose from pork, green onions or seaweed. One can find this and a host of other dishes on Ramen Street in Tokyo.

• Empanadas in Argentina: These are small handmade pies with different fillings – available in a choice of cheese, meat or vegetables. Pastry dough holds the dish together and is served baked or fried. There are very specific restaurants which serve this dish – so go to the best one.

• Crêpes in Paris: This traditional French dish is so delicious that it is a must try for everyone. The classic one is made of ham, Gruyére cheese and egg filling – a sure thing to transport a person to food heaven.

• Gelatos in Italy: This dish is really frozen custard made with eggs, sugar, milk and different flavorings – fruits and nuts as well. There are no words to describe how the flavors burst in one’s mouth and the delight that accompanies eating such a dish.

• Mexican Gorditas: The ultimate in soul food, this wonderful Mexican dish is made from a maize flour tortilla and filled with one’s choice of meat, cheese, veggies and cheese, topped off with a hot sauce.

• Bánh Mì in Hanoi: This Parisian style sandwich consists of cured meats – pork or liver – pickled vegetables like cucumbers and carrots, mayonnaise and chilies, served on a baguette. Easy to find, especially close to shopping areas.

• Sticky Rice in Bangkok: Sticky rice is an eternal favorite with Thai people and is available in a number of different flavors. The most popular one is mango sticky rice which is served through the season when this fruit is available.

• Hot Dogs in New York: This is perhaps the most iconic dish in the US. There are many different varieties and the most commonly found ones in New York City are usually cooked or boiled and served on a bun with mustard, sauerkraut, relish and onions. Sausages in Vienna: How can one go to this wonderful city and not try the dish named for it? Check out Schwedenplatz in Austria.

• Shawarma in Istanbul: This dish consists of slow cooked meat – chicken, lamb or beef. It is served on pita bread with a number of different toppings. A true delight!

Summary: Each country is known for its own traditional food. At times the very name of the country is synonymous with the different kinds of food available there. 10 of the most popular traditional foods are discussed herein ranging from South Korea to Georgia.

It is a known fact that each country has its own type of traditional food. Not all of them may appeal to everyone. However most of them are excellent and quite delicious. 10 of the most popular traditional foods are mentioned below.

10 Most Popular Traditional Foods
South Korea is a land of varied foods. Of these the Bibim Guksu is the most popular one. It is a dish made out of cold noodles mixed with Korean red pepper sauce. It is spicy and tastes great. Thailand can never miss out on this list. Thai food is one of the most sought after cuisines throughout the world. The Panang Chicken Curry is their best offering. It is coconut based and has a distinct peanut flavor. For vegetarians chicken is substituted with tofu. It tastes best when consumed along with jasmine rice. The Turkish Hamsi Ekmek is a popular street food. Deep fried anchovies are served with sliced onion and rocket leaves accompanied by fresh bread. Next on the list is a sandwich from California, USA. Popularly known as Reuben sandwich, it is best described as a simple but great tasting wonder. Another Japanese traditional food is the Shoyu Pork Noodle. It has an elegant taste and most authentic Japanese restaurants serve this. The Portuguese are known food lovers. Their Pastel de Nata is a traditional food made out of velvety cream along win flaky pastry crust that is caramelized. These egg custard tarts are sure to tinge your tongue.

India is another place where you get a wide range of traditional foods. One such is Jalebi. It is a sweet dish made out of dough flour. It is soft, crisp and plump simultaneously. It is fried and then dipped in sugary syrup as per required taste. Whether it is served chilled or hot, it tastes amazing. Meze is another dish that belongs to the Turkish cuisine. It is usually served before the regular meal. A combination of cured meat, pickled vegetables and fresh cheese along with grilled seafood make up the dish. The Khinkali of Georgia is another simple looking but great tasting traditional food. Each of the tiny dumplings is stuffed with minced meat and herbs. The potato wedges from Australia also are worthy to feature on this elite list. Served as a snack and as an appetizer, these wedges can be dipped with sweet and sour chili sauce.

Summary: Holiday traditions are unique to the respective countries. The food is also unique with each of them having a special time of holidaying. The 10 best holiday food traditions are largely a result of votes and choices from food lovers around the world.

Holiday time is best enjoyed through sumptuous and mouth watering food. Different people across the world have different holiday traditions. This also means that there is a huge variety of dishes served exclusively during their holiday time.

10 of the Best Holiday Food Traditions
Japanese love a lot of American based delicacies. They find Kentucky Fried Chicken the best to have for the holidays. Sometimes the stock is ordered close to 2 months in advance. When it comes to desserts, few can match the ones made in England during their holiday season. The primary ingredients include nuts, dried fruits and a lot of spices. The entire mixture is saturated with whisky or brandy and then steamed resulting in the Christmas pudding. Since it tastes best when it is old, it is usually prepared in November. The French love Foie Gras and oysters during holidays. Though had throughout the year, the rate of consumption goes up several notches during holidays. 70% of the entire consumption is between Christmas and New Year. Norway is another place for amazing dishes. Lutefisk is a winter delicacy. Whitefish is either salted or dried before treating it with lye. This gives the fish a texture that feels like gelatin. The fish is then cooked for an exotic dish.

The Chinese enjoy their holidays with their traditional dish called Tangyyuan. These are roundish dumplings made of rice filled with red bean paste. They are boiled before serving. The water used for boiling is usually flavored with sweetened ginger. The traditional Christmas food in Venezuela is Hallaca. This is a dish made out of corn dough that is wrapped with a plantain leaf. The inside material is a mixture of beef, chicken, pork, olives and raisins. It is cooked in boiling water. The Christmas Smorgasbord of Lithuania is a well known traditional meal. 12 different dishes symbolizing the 12 apostles make up this meal. It is devoid of eggs, meat and dairy products. Carrots, mushrooms and herring are the common ingredients. It is also quite popular in Poland and Ukraine. The holiday food of the Czech Republic is commonly carp soup. This fish soup is had with every meal. The Puto-Bumbong is the holiday food. It is a sweet treat made out of rice, butter, shredded coconut and sugar. The Hanukkah of the Jews is also a common traditional dish. Fried pancakes containing potatoes form the main ingredient.

Summary: Traditional foods are unique to the country and boast of an authentic flavor. They are best eaten at their local joints. Each of the traditional foods tastes great and it is a sure shot treat to your taste buds.

Traditional foods are always preferred by the locals no matter where they travel. It always feels nice to have something that immediately gets you in touch with your tradition and culture. Foodies love to experiment with different kinds of food.

9 Unique Traditional Foods
The Poke from Hawaii consists of freshly cut Tuna (the Yellow-fin variety) that is mixed with sesame oil, soy sauce, chili pepper, limu seaweed and sweet onions. The fish is never frozen and is always caught locally. The texture of the fish is as tender as ripe papaya. It is commonly had with steamed rice. The Mexican dish Aguachido is made out of shrimp that is marinated in lemon juice with fresh vegetables. It is simple, cheap and extremely tasty. The Thai cuisine is famous for some exotic dishes. Towering above them is the traditional Khao Soi. Yellowish soft noodles in a thickly curry broth that is topped with crispy egg noodles. Pickled greens form the perfect side-dish for this amazing food. The broth is made out of coconut milk with beef, chicken or pork. The Senegal Chicken Yassa that is also called Poulet Yassa is also a unique dish. Slow cooked chicken is treated with chili, onion and lemon with some grated ginger and a touch of mustard. It is commonly served with rice. White Pizza from the US is also worthy of mention in this list. Commonly called Old Forge Pizza is double crusted, creamy, cheesy and tastes great. The Japanese based Kobe Beef is another mouth-watering dish. The steak is well prepared and the fat literally melts in your mouth; again a very good delicacy. The Georgian Eggplant Satsivi is a simple dish made out of pureed eggplant, walnuts and various spices. The Gujarati Thali is another popular Indian dish from the state of Gujarat. Completely vegetarian with a variety of lentils, salad and spicy vegetables is what makes this Thali. Not to forget the yummy desert served at the end. Fresh rotis and steaming rice is served to your satisfaction. The Vietnam based steamed clams with lemon grass is another popular traditional dish. The baby clamps are plump and cooked in a small pot along with lemon grass and served steaming hot. Each clam needs to be scooped up with a spoon along with some broth and a touch of sweet chili sauce to give a fabulous treat to the taste buds.

Summary: Food is always a complex topic. Though it is the same basic ingredients, a lot of modifications are related to cooking style, addition of spices and people preferences. From Australia to America, there are a wide variety of foods considered as favorites.

Different dishes appeal to different people. Through popular choice and preference of foodies spread across the entire globe, 10 foods have been given the ‘most favorite’ status. Each of these dishes is from different countries and this aspect adds to its global reach.

10 Most Favorite Foods
Chinese foods can never be forgotten on any foodie’s list. The Peking duck pancake is an imperial dish from this land. It is basically a roasted duck that has a garlic flavored crispy skin that has a mild sweet taste. They are commonly served with spring onions and steamed pancakes. The French are also known for amazing dishes. One of their best is Escargots made of snails that are cooked in garlic butter and generally served as an appetizer. Their taste is similar to mussels. The Greek food Moussaka is its answer to Italy’s Lasagna. This dish is smothered with layers of ingredients accompanied by ground lamb or beef with eggplants and potatoes. All of them soaked in a cheesy béchamel sauce. The Indian Masala dosa is also voted by many foodies as a must-try dish. It is a vegetarian dish made of thin pancake fried over a sizzling hot-plate with a spicy concoction of fried onions and mashed potato with spicy chutney. The Italy based Zucchini flowers come next. They are basically tender flowers stuffed with herbed mozzarella, dipped in batter and fried in olive oil. Their unique taste can make any mouth drool. The Teppanyaki from Japan is also a much desired dish. It is basically grilled steak made with the help of hot gas. It is also famous in many parts of the world.

The Malaysian Laksa (seafood curry) is considered to be the king of soups. It is spicy and packed with noodles, seafood (fish sticks), puffed tofu, vegetables, hard-boiled egg, coconut cream, coriander and chili flakes. The Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) of Thailand is a dish that has the four primary flavors sweet, chilly, salt and sour in one. Unripe papaya is shredded and used as the main ingredient along with dried shrimp and fish sauce. The Pavlova is basically a mélange of cream and meringue that is common in New Zealand and Australia. The BBQ ribs from the U.S are considered as a prime delicacy. It is made of smoked pork ribs seasoned with spices and garlic. They are usually served with vinegar sauce and tomatoes.

Summary: If you are a foodie, then a list of 33 most tasty foods would make you travel around the globe, just to eat.

Is food the greatest love of your life? Then a list of top 33 foods worth traveling around the globe, just for tasting are mentioned below.

Top 15 Food around the world

1. Neapolitan pizza, Italy

You would love visiting Italy for its Neapolitan pizza. This has three types of tomatoes, wheat flour, olive oil, basil, hand-rolled dough, and sea salt, cooked over wooden oven.

2. Sushi, Japan

You would come to Japan for the love of sushi only. The Japanese love eating food and rice, and when these two are combined you have this globally favorite dish.

3. Massaman curry, Thailand

This king of all curries has a blend of different flavors from coconut, savory, spicy, and sweet. You can dine this with rice.

4. Butter garlic crab, India

This is prepared by drowning a large crab in butter-garlic sauce, which soaks into every inch of the flesh.

5. Champ, Ireland

This is prepared with spring onions, mashed potatoes, salt, pepper, and butter.

6. Lasagna, Italy

This pasta-layered, minced-meaty, tomato-sauce infused delicacy is a favorite among all.

7. Croissant, France

This is butter smothered pastry smeared with raspberry jam on the top.

8. Arepas, Venezuela

This patty made with corn dough is a savory delicacy that goes with any kind of topping.

9. Nam tok moo, Thailand

This culinary comprises grilled pork with green onions, lemon juice, mint sprigs, toasted rice, fish sauce, and chili.

10. Kebab, Iran

You can select your favorite meat, shove a long stick through it and get it grilled.

11. Rendang, Indonesia

This is prepared by simmering the beef with lemongrass, milk, garlic, ginger, turmeric, chillies, and galangal.

12. Chicken muamba, Gabon

This is actually chicken dipped in peanut butter, along with spices.

13. Penang Assam laksa, Malaysia

This is prepared with noodles and fish broth.

14. Hamburger, Germany

This is bread-salad-meat combination.

15. Peking duck, China

Duck is coated with sugar and roasted.

Some other top foods around the globe are:

16. Donuts, United States
17. Shepherd’s pie, Britain
18. Pho, Vietnam
19. Montreal-style smoked meat, Canada
20. Fajitas, Mexico
21. Fish ‘n’ chips, Britain
22. Goi cuon (summer roll), Vietnam
23. Ohmi-gyu beef steak, Japan
24. Potato chips, United States
25. Seafood paella, Spain
26. Som tam, Thailand
27. Chicken rice, Singapore
28. Tacos, Mexico
29. Chicken parm, Australia
30. Chili crab, Singapore
31. Maple syrup, Canada
32. Marzipan, Germany
33. Masala dosa, India

Summary: It is not uncommon to find strange dishes across the globe. Drunken shrimps, live octopuses, ant larvae, dried caterpillar, fried tarantula, dried lizards, the poisonous Puffer fish, etc are some of the strangest foods that you will find.

The popular saying ‘one’s food is another’s poison’ is actually a fact. There are different types of strange foods eaten across the world.

Strangest Foods
The fried brain sandwich is made out of cow’s brain that is about 3 years old at slaughter. Escamole is a Mexican delicacy that is prepared out of ant larvae with a nutty butter taste. Hakarl is eaten in Iceland. It is made out of fermented shark meat. The Chinese bird’s nest soup is made out of bird saliva. The drunken shrimp is another Chinese dish wherein shrimps are stunned in liquor and then eaten alive. Surstromming is basically a dish from Sweden made out of Baltic Herring that is fermented. Another raw dish iSannakji is prepared with small octopuses seasoned with sesame oil. Rocky mountain oysters are not made out of oysters but the testicles of a bull-calf!

Kopi Luwak is an expensive coffee made from coffee beans defecated by small mammals called Civets. Stinkbugs – an Indonesian dish where little insects are eaten raw that taste like bitter sunflower seeds. Lutefisk is a dish prepared out of lye and aged stockfish. A corrosive treat! Casu Marzu is basically a chunk of cheese made out of sheep milk containing live insect larvae. Mopane is a major part of African diet made out of dried caterpillar. The Tuna Eyeball is boiled and consumed in Japan. Dried lizards are commonly used to prepare dishes in a few Asian cultures. They are believed to be of medicinal value. Khash is a dish prepared out of the cow’s stomach, head and feet. Nakji is similar to Sannakji the only difference is that the former involves eating a live octopus whole! A-ping is a dish made out of fried tarantula – common in Cambodia. Haggis is a dish made out of sheep’s liver, heart and lungs boiled in the stomach with salt. Fugu is a strange and dangerous dish made out of the poisonous puffer-fish. Ying-Yang Fish is an offering from Taiwan. The fish is half alive and half fried when served! Ikizikuri is a brutal dish made out of various animals and fish that is served half alive. The penis of a Yak is commonly eaten in China. Balut features a duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten by Filipinos. Puffin heart is a delicacy in Iceland made out of the hearts of the cute little puffin birds.

Summary: Most foodies love to have various dishes from different cuisines. Some of the world’s best ones include Lebanese, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian and French.

Foodies across the globe love to try out different kinds of dishes that belong to various countries and cuisines. Choosing the top 10 is quite difficult considering the number of famous cuisines that are present. However the following ten are voted the best by many:

10 Tasty Cuisines
Lebanese are known for great cuisine; largely dominated by Mediterranean vegetables with limited amount of meat accompanied by various mouth-watering flavors. The appetizer Mezze is their best dish; Arabic bread with selected pickles, dips, fresh fish and salads. Next on line is the Greek cuisine. Olive oil is the primary ingredient in these dishes. Again vegetables and herbs form a major component. Many restaurants provide authentic dishes from the Greek cuisine. Many foodies also rate Spanish cuisine highly. This type boasts of a variety of fish, meat and vegetables. Oily dishes are a characteristic feature in Spanish dishes. The Japanese are known for their amazing cuisine. Soybeans with white rice are the major ingredients in any Japanese dish. Some enthusiasts swear by their healthy food varieties. The Mexican cuisine is also well known for its numerous spices and flavors. Some of the exotic options in this cuisine include meat from iguana, deer, rattlesnake, spider monkey and insects.

Then Thai cuisine follows. Most tourists visit this place exclusively for the food. An optimum blend of fresh herbs, coriander, lime juice and lemon grass is used with rice as the primary component. Raw beef, fried larvae of various insects and fermented fish paste are some delicacies. India is the land of spices and has a great cuisine. Most of the dishes are vegetarian while there are some that contain goat, chicken meat and fish. This is one of the spiciest cuisines in the world. Another favorite cuisine of foodies is Chinese. It is estimated that about 35% of the world’s population eat Chinese dishes on a daily basis. It is also very tasty and economical. Rice is commonly accompanied by a variety of dishes prepared out of different meat sources. The Italian cuisine is arguable the world’s oldest. Pasta and rice form major components along with meat and different kinds of desserts. About 400 varieties of cheese and 300 kinds of sausages are available in Italy. The French cuisine is also noteworthy. Pastries form the main component. Wine and cheese are also frequently used. Meat and vegetables are also used in equal quantities in France.

The 10 Most Popular Foods around the World
Summary: The ten most popular foods around the world are collected from a survey of sixteen thousand people from an array of different countries. The results show that pasta is the most popular.
Based on a recent survey, there are ten foods that are considered to be the most popular in the entire world. According to the study, which collected data from sixteen thousand people in seventeen different countries, the most popular food at number one is pasta. Meat dishes and then rice followed pasta. The results are not surprising because the items mentioned are also considered to be the most common and tastiest dishes in almost every region on the planet.
Here is the roundup of the top ten:
1. Pasta dishes
2. Meat dishes
3. Rice meals
4. Pizza
5. Chicken dishes
6. Seafood and fish
7. Veggies
8. Chinese cuisine
9. Italian dishes
10. Mexican food.
The results are not so surprising due to the fact that all of these can be easily found in any modern food court in the United States and the world. The results also show the trend where many western diets as well as other cultures have imbibed influences from other countries as well. However, it was also found out that in many countries most people prefer local food cuisine over that of say western style diets. For instance, if you go to India, most people there prefer Indian food on top of everything else. There are over a billion people in India. That’s a lot of people we are talking about. The United States, which is still considered to be a melting pot of different cultures from east and west, is considered to be the most diversified country when it comes to favorite foodstuffs. For many, the hotdog is still considered to be the best snack or comfort food anywhere in the United States. Pizza, steak, burgers and fries and fried chicken are also the most favorite items on the menu. On a surprising note, Australia was the only country that picked chocolate as its most favorite food item.
When it came to choosing the top ten favorite foods about sixty six percent of people surveyed said that the price is still the number one factor when it came to choosing their meals. The results also show that western countries also are now looking more to value rather than taste when it comes to choosing their meals. The survey also showed an alarming concern because over a billion people seem to still go to bed each night hungry. This is especially true in most developing countries in the world.