Top Ten Desserts from around the World – Sweet Treats

March 9, 2013 // Yum

Summary: Desserts are a wonderful way to round off a meal – mostly used as an incentive for picky eaters to try different foods. They are also a good way for people with a sweet tooth to get their fix and make them feel satisfied.

There are so many varieties available in desserts – each country has its own traditional offerings. Here is a small sampling to captivate and entice you to try some truly mouthwatering confections.

Top 10 Desserts:

• Soufflé from France: A soufflé is a light airy cake made from eggs, sugar, yolks with a gooey center. Chocolate is the most used flavor – decadent in taste, it is one of the most time honored desserts in this country. It is also infused with Grand Marnier liqueur which makes it even richer and wonderful in taste.

• American Apple Pie: It is a quintessential American dish and also a culinary symbol. This simple dish is made from a pastry crust and a filling made with apples and cinnamon and is also served with ice-cream.

• Canadian Maple Taffy: This wonderful dessert is made with snow and maple syrup. It is usually served with tea or coffee – a seasonal treat. Try this dish while visiting Quebec.

• Waffles in Belgium: Two varieties on offer – Liege and Brussels Waffles. The latter is better known around the world and usually served with fruits, chocolate and whipped cream.

• Austrian Sacher Torte: It is a very dense sponge cake made with bittersweet chocolate and has a layer of apricot jam, intense flavors and a delight to eat.

• Bibingka in Philippines: It is a sweet cake made of rice and is usually covered with a layer of sugar and butter and grated coconut. Usually served around the Christmas season – several variations are made around the world.

• Trés Leches Cake from Mexico: Made with three different types of milks, it is a sponge cake which is sliced and soaked in the different milks and put back together. A well made one will not be soggy – and has a very distinct taste.

• Mango Sticky Rice from Thailand: This is a very popular dish eaten throughout the year in Thailand. It is a combination of a sweet rice, mango slices and coconut milk. An interesting flavor and texture – mild and pleasing taste.

• Apple Strudel from Germany: It is a pastry with a flaky crust with a sliced apple filling with cinnamon and raisins. Dusted with powdered sugar; also served with whipped cream or ice cream. The most famous outlet for this uniquely German dessert is in Berlin.

• Fattigman from Norway: These wonderful cookies are made with sugar, eggs, cream and cardamom. Cognac or brandy is occasionally used to add flavor – usually fried, these are available in a few different shapes and covered with powdered sugar; a holiday treat.