Top 10 Most Tasty Cuisines in the World

February 28, 2013 // Yum

Summary: Most foodies love to have various dishes from different cuisines. Some of the world’s best ones include Lebanese, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian and French.

Foodies across the globe love to try out different kinds of dishes that belong to various countries and cuisines. Choosing the top 10 is quite difficult considering the number of famous cuisines that are present. However the following ten are voted the best by many:

10 Tasty Cuisines
Lebanese are known for great cuisine; largely dominated by Mediterranean vegetables with limited amount of meat accompanied by various mouth-watering flavors. The appetizer Mezze is their best dish; Arabic bread with selected pickles, dips, fresh fish and salads. Next on line is the Greek cuisine. Olive oil is the primary ingredient in these dishes. Again vegetables and herbs form a major component. Many restaurants provide authentic dishes from the Greek cuisine. Many foodies also rate Spanish cuisine highly. This type boasts of a variety of fish, meat and vegetables. Oily dishes are a characteristic feature in Spanish dishes. The Japanese are known for their amazing cuisine. Soybeans with white rice are the major ingredients in any Japanese dish. Some enthusiasts swear by their healthy food varieties. The Mexican cuisine is also well known for its numerous spices and flavors. Some of the exotic options in this cuisine include meat from iguana, deer, rattlesnake, spider monkey and insects.

Then Thai cuisine follows. Most tourists visit this place exclusively for the food. An optimum blend of fresh herbs, coriander, lime juice and lemon grass is used with rice as the primary component. Raw beef, fried larvae of various insects and fermented fish paste are some delicacies. India is the land of spices and has a great cuisine. Most of the dishes are vegetarian while there are some that contain goat, chicken meat and fish. This is one of the spiciest cuisines in the world. Another favorite cuisine of foodies is Chinese. It is estimated that about 35% of the world’s population eat Chinese dishes on a daily basis. It is also very tasty and economical. Rice is commonly accompanied by a variety of dishes prepared out of different meat sources. The Italian cuisine is arguable the world’s oldest. Pasta and rice form major components along with meat and different kinds of desserts. About 400 varieties of cheese and 300 kinds of sausages are available in Italy. The French cuisine is also noteworthy. Pastries form the main component. Wine and cheese are also frequently used. Meat and vegetables are also used in equal quantities in France.