The 10 Most Popular Foods around the World

February 28, 2013 // Yum

The 10 Most Popular Foods around the World
Summary: The ten most popular foods around the world are collected from a survey of sixteen thousand people from an array of different countries. The results show that pasta is the most popular.
Based on a recent survey, there are ten foods that are considered to be the most popular in the entire world. According to the study, which collected data from sixteen thousand people in seventeen different countries, the most popular food at number one is pasta. Meat dishes and then rice followed pasta. The results are not surprising because the items mentioned are also considered to be the most common and tastiest dishes in almost every region on the planet.
Here is the roundup of the top ten:
1. Pasta dishes
2. Meat dishes
3. Rice meals
4. Pizza
5. Chicken dishes
6. Seafood and fish
7. Veggies
8. Chinese cuisine
9. Italian dishes
10. Mexican food.
The results are not so surprising due to the fact that all of these can be easily found in any modern food court in the United States and the world. The results also show the trend where many western diets as well as other cultures have imbibed influences from other countries as well. However, it was also found out that in many countries most people prefer local food cuisine over that of say western style diets. For instance, if you go to India, most people there prefer Indian food on top of everything else. There are over a billion people in India. That’s a lot of people we are talking about. The United States, which is still considered to be a melting pot of different cultures from east and west, is considered to be the most diversified country when it comes to favorite foodstuffs. For many, the hotdog is still considered to be the best snack or comfort food anywhere in the United States. Pizza, steak, burgers and fries and fried chicken are also the most favorite items on the menu. On a surprising note, Australia was the only country that picked chocolate as its most favorite food item.
When it came to choosing the top ten favorite foods about sixty six percent of people surveyed said that the price is still the number one factor when it came to choosing their meals. The results also show that western countries also are now looking more to value rather than taste when it comes to choosing their meals. The survey also showed an alarming concern because over a billion people seem to still go to bed each night hungry. This is especially true in most developing countries in the world.