9 Unique Traditional Foods from around the World

February 28, 2013 // Yum

Summary: Traditional foods are unique to the country and boast of an authentic flavor. They are best eaten at their local joints. Each of the traditional foods tastes great and it is a sure shot treat to your taste buds.

Traditional foods are always preferred by the locals no matter where they travel. It always feels nice to have something that immediately gets you in touch with your tradition and culture. Foodies love to experiment with different kinds of food.

9 Unique Traditional Foods
The Poke from Hawaii consists of freshly cut Tuna (the Yellow-fin variety) that is mixed with sesame oil, soy sauce, chili pepper, limu seaweed and sweet onions. The fish is never frozen and is always caught locally. The texture of the fish is as tender as ripe papaya. It is commonly had with steamed rice. The Mexican dish Aguachido is made out of shrimp that is marinated in lemon juice with fresh vegetables. It is simple, cheap and extremely tasty. The Thai cuisine is famous for some exotic dishes. Towering above them is the traditional Khao Soi. Yellowish soft noodles in a thickly curry broth that is topped with crispy egg noodles. Pickled greens form the perfect side-dish for this amazing food. The broth is made out of coconut milk with beef, chicken or pork. The Senegal Chicken Yassa that is also called Poulet Yassa is also a unique dish. Slow cooked chicken is treated with chili, onion and lemon with some grated ginger and a touch of mustard. It is commonly served with rice. White Pizza from the US is also worthy of mention in this list. Commonly called Old Forge Pizza is double crusted, creamy, cheesy and tastes great. The Japanese based Kobe Beef is another mouth-watering dish. The steak is well prepared and the fat literally melts in your mouth; again a very good delicacy. The Georgian Eggplant Satsivi is a simple dish made out of pureed eggplant, walnuts and various spices. The Gujarati Thali is another popular Indian dish from the state of Gujarat. Completely vegetarian with a variety of lentils, salad and spicy vegetables is what makes this Thali. Not to forget the yummy desert served at the end. Fresh rotis and steaming rice is served to your satisfaction. The Vietnam based steamed clams with lemon grass is another popular traditional dish. The baby clamps are plump and cooked in a small pot along with lemon grass and served steaming hot. Each clam needs to be scooped up with a spoon along with some broth and a touch of sweet chili sauce to give a fabulous treat to the taste buds.