10 Most Popular Traditional Foods from Around the World

February 28, 2013 // Yum

Summary: Each country is known for its own traditional food. At times the very name of the country is synonymous with the different kinds of food available there. 10 of the most popular traditional foods are discussed herein ranging from South Korea to Georgia.

It is a known fact that each country has its own type of traditional food. Not all of them may appeal to everyone. However most of them are excellent and quite delicious. 10 of the most popular traditional foods are mentioned below.

10 Most Popular Traditional Foods
South Korea is a land of varied foods. Of these the Bibim Guksu is the most popular one. It is a dish made out of cold noodles mixed with Korean red pepper sauce. It is spicy and tastes great. Thailand can never miss out on this list. Thai food is one of the most sought after cuisines throughout the world. The Panang Chicken Curry is their best offering. It is coconut based and has a distinct peanut flavor. For vegetarians chicken is substituted with tofu. It tastes best when consumed along with jasmine rice. The Turkish Hamsi Ekmek is a popular street food. Deep fried anchovies are served with sliced onion and rocket leaves accompanied by fresh bread. Next on the list is a sandwich from California, USA. Popularly known as Reuben sandwich, it is best described as a simple but great tasting wonder. Another Japanese traditional food is the Shoyu Pork Noodle. It has an elegant taste and most authentic Japanese restaurants serve this. The Portuguese are known food lovers. Their Pastel de Nata is a traditional food made out of velvety cream along win flaky pastry crust that is caramelized. These egg custard tarts are sure to tinge your tongue.

India is another place where you get a wide range of traditional foods. One such is Jalebi. It is a sweet dish made out of dough flour. It is soft, crisp and plump simultaneously. It is fried and then dipped in sugary syrup as per required taste. Whether it is served chilled or hot, it tastes amazing. Meze is another dish that belongs to the Turkish cuisine. It is usually served before the regular meal. A combination of cured meat, pickled vegetables and fresh cheese along with grilled seafood make up the dish. The Khinkali of Georgia is another simple looking but great tasting traditional food. Each of the tiny dumplings is stuffed with minced meat and herbs. The potato wedges from Australia also are worthy to feature on this elite list. Served as a snack and as an appetizer, these wedges can be dipped with sweet and sour chili sauce.