10 Holiday Food Traditions from Around the World

February 28, 2013 // Yum

Summary: Holiday traditions are unique to the respective countries. The food is also unique with each of them having a special time of holidaying. The 10 best holiday food traditions are largely a result of votes and choices from food lovers around the world.

Holiday time is best enjoyed through sumptuous and mouth watering food. Different people across the world have different holiday traditions. This also means that there is a huge variety of dishes served exclusively during their holiday time.

10 of the Best Holiday Food Traditions
Japanese love a lot of American based delicacies. They find Kentucky Fried Chicken the best to have for the holidays. Sometimes the stock is ordered close to 2 months in advance. When it comes to desserts, few can match the ones made in England during their holiday season. The primary ingredients include nuts, dried fruits and a lot of spices. The entire mixture is saturated with whisky or brandy and then steamed resulting in the Christmas pudding. Since it tastes best when it is old, it is usually prepared in November. The French love Foie Gras and oysters during holidays. Though had throughout the year, the rate of consumption goes up several notches during holidays. 70% of the entire consumption is between Christmas and New Year. Norway is another place for amazing dishes. Lutefisk is a winter delicacy. Whitefish is either salted or dried before treating it with lye. This gives the fish a texture that feels like gelatin. The fish is then cooked for an exotic dish.

The Chinese enjoy their holidays with their traditional dish called Tangyyuan. These are roundish dumplings made of rice filled with red bean paste. They are boiled before serving. The water used for boiling is usually flavored with sweetened ginger. The traditional Christmas food in Venezuela is Hallaca. This is a dish made out of corn dough that is wrapped with a plantain leaf. The inside material is a mixture of beef, chicken, pork, olives and raisins. It is cooked in boiling water. The Christmas Smorgasbord of Lithuania is a well known traditional meal. 12 different dishes symbolizing the 12 apostles make up this meal. It is devoid of eggs, meat and dairy products. Carrots, mushrooms and herring are the common ingredients. It is also quite popular in Poland and Ukraine. The holiday food of the Czech Republic is commonly carp soup. This fish soup is had with every meal. The Puto-Bumbong is the holiday food. It is a sweet treat made out of rice, butter, shredded coconut and sugar. The Hanukkah of the Jews is also a common traditional dish. Fried pancakes containing potatoes form the main ingredient.